Swaddle Wrap is a new and improved way of swaddling. This is a must have for those that swaddle. Attaching to any existing swaddled blanket, our easy-to-use wrap keeps your baby swaddled longer and more securely. See why mothers across the United States are raving about the Swaddle Wrap.

1.Simplify Swaddling

Take the guess work out of swaddling by following our simple swaddling techniques.

2.Attaches to any Blanket

Using any blanket allows for peace of mind in fluctuating temperatures.

3.Safe and Secure

The Swaddle Wrap eliminates the concern for loose blankets in the crib keeping the baby safer. It also keeps the baby securely swaddled longer than without the use of the Swaddle Wrap.

Many different swaddling techniques can be used with the Swaddle Wrap. Arms in or arms out the baby is still snug and secure.

Arms in Tutorial

Arms out Tutorial

Moms Who Swaddle

“Charley loves being swaddled up snug and the wrap helps me do that for her throughout the night! We started with arms in and having the wrap on her was a necessity because she likes to break through the blanket. Now that she’s older I still use the wrap, just with her arms out!”

— Katie L. from Omaha Nebraska

“Another good night of sleep thanks to the swaddle wrap! I was always nervous using a blanket to swaddle on its own, and considered stopping the swaddle all together, not anymore! Using the swaddle wrap is SO easy to do and it gives me the peace of mind knowing our little one is safe wrapped in a blanket of any size, small or big! It’s also easy to use for a baby that can roll and can’t have arms swaddled anymore or for one like ours that can’t stand to have her arms tucked in.”

— Andrea T. from Milan Michigan

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The SwaddleWrap is a perfect choice for your newborn or infant.

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